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ninggui | 27 April, 2018 12:04

wifi jammer  provides DIY means to the dark crowd. I'm sure, we all think we have a one on one point: if next to the noisy woman announced to train people the story of private bedroom, or your child on the phone (and thus hides the prepaid phone), and sometimes a portable GPS jammers, very convenient.

Considering that they are very complex equipment, there are not many ways to make effective rf scramblers. Their creations are often left in the hands of complex machines, rather than those that are prone to error.

The purpose of the GPS jammer is to block cell communication in designated safe areas. SCL-CPJ works in GSM, PCS, DCS, UMTS2100 and UMTS450 frequency bands, and blocks prisons, libraries, religious sites, conferences, seminars, and cellular communications in mobile areas such as education.
The scrambler system transmits appropriate radio signals to cut off communication between cell phones and cell towers. Depending on the output power, the SCL-CJ has different models.
When you start the phone jammer, all inactive phones indicate "no service". When the phone scrambler is turned off, all phones automatically resume communication and provide full service.
Jammer function
Portable, compact, compact and rugged.
Effective interference range
A cellular communication link in an effective area of paralysis.
The coverage area does not transmit or receive phone calls.
Used for administrative offices, board meetings, meetings, seminars, libraries, cinemas, religious venues, public transport, concert halls, restaurants and education institutions.

The large power integrated signal jammer is mainly used in large prison, lawn and armed police amusement park to deal with illegal collection, special security incident operations, field military exercises, Latin America and other regions. Using a simple guangzhou antenna or directional antenna dual frequency or omni-directional glass steel antenna, this large size small machine, light weight, good heat dissipation, easy to use and safe to use.
The effective protection signal jammers transmitting microwave signal (base station) and a mobile phone, allowing cell phones in the required reserve (including GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, 3 g, 4 g) d disconnect with the outside world. This compact and easy-to-use jammer is applied to various environments in the region due to its independent distributed distribution.




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