GPS tracking and wireless network security discussion

ninggui | 07 July, 2018 04:29

I bought a smartphone made overseas and sold it, using it as a GPS tracker.
I am proud that the "signal jammer free terminal made in China" operates at a super discount, with an initial cost of $316.

Sorry, "it's not illegal, so it's illegal," he said from a friend.

I know somehow, but I don't know so much, so if I check it right, it's definitely illegal.
* it is illegal in Japan to use only "marking skills" equipment for goods that can be used in Japan and goods that do not have the trademark after inspection of equipment using radios.

So, I'm going to look at the MIC website.

"If you use a radio without a technical qualification mark, you may be violating the radio law. For details, please contact the nearest communications office.

Normally, if you don't use something like this for civilian use, we're paying for it and we can't afford it this time very much.

The usual payment is in a small GPS jammer that has been proven to be what different, how many battles there are, or not very good.

I think you can prevent almost anything.

I can also protect it by installing it near a reinforced wall.

From now on I thought you could use this, but there was a problem.

I don't necessarily have a power outlet because it's close to the point where the drone interferes with or reinforces the wall. It was paid by my special forces for super interference and no charge, but it was a necessary exit.

I hope you can do more. So personal items are useless.

Portable GPS LoJack Tracking Blocker GSM 3G 4G WiFi  Jammer

Wireless technology is increasingly popular, and in some countries it is used to control infrastructure such as rail networks and energy transportation.

In software engineering, Queensland university of technology, data communication undergraduate vice President, marc, an associate professor of Louis, found the hole, in government and industry in the first half of the world is that it should be a warning.

"The institutions that continue to use [IEEE 802.11b] wireless technology to operate critical infrastructure will be considered trivial," he said.

"This technology should not be used for critical applications, it could have serious consequences," he said.

Students, Dr, Mr Christian Uremuzu teaches li Mr Kevin tan, Jason Smith, in has been verified, in order to protect the hacker attacks on a wireless device mechanism, I found this hole.

The findings will be presented May 14 at the IEEE wireless communications symposium.

Use this vulnerability, likely through developed by IEEE 802.11 wireless standards including transmit data to the wifi jammer (built-in around: specifically, the IEEE 802.11, 802.11 B, 802.11 g communication following the execution of the low-speed 20 MBPS).

As a result, wireless devices cannot communicate with each other and are in a state of service interruption.

"The 802.11b network has become the Mac, and the PC is supported by many computing platforms, such as pdas, and is 99.9% unique to this standard to connect to a wireless LAN," Louis said.

His attacker using this vulnerability, connection is good, if there is in a $50 ($35) sales of general wireless LAN adapter, use the computer to a wireless local area network (LAN), on the other hand, you can change the program code to interfere with communication adapter. "

"Basically, with this adapter, any wireless LAN within 100 meters can stop in 5 to 8 seconds," he said.

Queensland university of technology, information security research center, found the problem since last November, in cooperation AUSCERT is Australia's national computer emergency response team, always inform vulnerable to manufacturers for wireless LAN devices. No solution has been found.



multiband wifi gps signal cell phone blocker

ninggui | 27 April, 2018 06:04

wifi jammer  provides DIY means to the dark crowd. I'm sure, we all think we have a one on one point: if next to the noisy woman announced to train people the story of private bedroom, or your child on the phone (and thus hides the prepaid phone), and sometimes a portable GPS jammers, very convenient.

Considering that they are very complex equipment, there are not many ways to make effective rf scramblers. Their creations are often left in the hands of complex machines, rather than those that are prone to error.

The purpose of the GPS jammer is to block cell communication in designated safe areas. SCL-CPJ works in GSM, PCS, DCS, UMTS2100 and UMTS450 frequency bands, and blocks prisons, libraries, religious sites, conferences, seminars, and cellular communications in mobile areas such as education.
The scrambler system transmits appropriate radio signals to cut off communication between cell phones and cell towers. Depending on the output power, the SCL-CJ has different models.
When you start the phone jammer, all inactive phones indicate "no service". When the phone scrambler is turned off, all phones automatically resume communication and provide full service.
Jammer function
Portable, compact, compact and rugged.
Effective interference range
A cellular communication link in an effective area of paralysis.
The coverage area does not transmit or receive phone calls.
Used for administrative offices, board meetings, meetings, seminars, libraries, cinemas, religious venues, public transport, concert halls, restaurants and education institutions.

The large power integrated signal jammer is mainly used in large prison, lawn and armed police amusement park to deal with illegal collection, special security incident operations, field military exercises, Latin America and other regions. Using a simple guangzhou antenna or directional antenna dual frequency or omni-directional glass steel antenna, this large size small machine, light weight, good heat dissipation, easy to use and safe to use.
The effective protection signal jammers transmitting microwave signal (base station) and a mobile phone, allowing cell phones in the required reserve (including GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, 3 g, 4 g) d disconnect with the outside world. This compact and easy-to-use jammer is applied to various environments in the region due to its independent distributed distribution.



prison use cell phone gsm gps jammer high power

ninggui | 02 February, 2018 05:42

Mobile phone jammers that are commonly bought in the United States are online. The federal communications commission is trying to prevent other countries from selling and delivering jammers to the United States, but some intruders are e-mailing them. Non-mobile cell phone jammer are not allowed in the UK, Canada, Switzerland and Australia. In October 2011, the federal communications commission warned of 20 online retailers.

It is illegal for americans to use signal jamming devices for sale and sale. But some units can be used, and americans can order mobile phone jammers online through Google's quick search. "Our actions should send a strong message to the retailers' device scramblowers, and we will not tolerate persistent violations of federal law," ellison said.

In large conference rooms, to ensure that the process of the meeting is not disturbed, the contents of the meeting are confidential, not stolen, and listen to phone-tapping devices intercepted by high power signal blockers.
Smartphone smartphone smartphones can interfere with cell phones, smartphones, GPS radio waves from A cell phone terminal, and other than A cell phone might be stuck, and it has A blocking function with A c-/ A code of 1575.42 megahertz. In outside, therefore, mobile terminals [service] yes, as part of the interference effect, but can not be used, only the GPS satellite radio waves in the dial the code switch, mobile phone, such as mobile phone terminals and GPS satellite radio interference, you can use it.

The ministry of communications and December 2012 were using radio gps jammer to promote the report in the team. Although the emission of radio waves was significantly lower, the actual number of large wireless device markets was not a weak band called unlicensed radio equipment, and the Russian federation stressed the need for emergency measures when there was a problem with the radio station.
The alleged types of interference interference, such as portable interference, wireless camera, FM interference, etc., has been reported because the manufacturer/distributor or the radio has been published in the context of the name range of the importer (including no reference) since 16 days a unauthorised product, model and picture were launched.

By introducing GPS radio jammer, you can make your action cannot be used in class, and focus on the course. Because I use my cell phone for a long time, I need high power GPS wave to block. Interference with important wireless communications such as wireless is possible. Obviously, I wrote jamar, and if you feel like it, I think it's better to consider the possibility of doubt. It cuts off only radio signals from the phone and can be used normally without affecting the other signals of the device and transceiver. This is a convenient and secure GPS communication interference, can adjust the output.

With no one technology, wireless technology and the development of artificial intelligence, jammer is no stranger to us. Interference devices are widely used in daily life, and in some places where some confidentiality is strong, large power jammers will be installed to ensure data security.

In the theater, the performing unit has a better performance, installing and using the high power of jamming signals, because in the process, a lot of people are going to use their artists to take pictures and take pictures of themselves, and they can't really do their best. It doesn't give the audience a better visual experience. Therefore, in order to guarantee the performance of the order, it is necessary to use the high power jammer in the theatre.

In the search unit, the state is to protect the search data, and the results are secure. They use all sorts of high-power jammers, and on the one hand, some people may have an internal disturbance that can steal the device data, and on the other hand, some of the research equipment that's out there is going to be able to report interference. In these research facilities, the secrecy is very high, and there is no information leaking, so it is widely used in these areas to use the multipurpose power scrambler.

In prison, in order to prevent terrorist cells from being imprisoned and to the outside world, or to prevent some inmates from escaping, using a high power jammer, from contact to the outside, allowing the signal spectrum to be connected, to keep the prison safe.

The injustices in the prisons between prisoners (and the government's security, the injustice that led to the development of prisons! Big guys have a way to make a phone call, and hold a prison without resources.

The prison system is getting weaker and the risk of escape increases;

Giving up the idea of isolating the hostile environment could allow the mob to control the traffic from the prison walls.
My philosophy is that prison is a necessary channel for convicts and must be firm in sentencing. But the prisoners had to live in good conditions, and I refused to put them in their cells, so I wanted to build enough prisons. Finally, prisons must be re-inserted through learning.

Cheap GPS/Bluetooth/WiFi Jammer GSM 3G 4G LTE Blocker

Stop-RFID is a specialist in the design of media protection devices with contactless technology. By launching NFC Killer, an RFID wave jammer in the form of a business card, it offers a simple, discreet and effective device to protect its means of payment.

Simple, discreet and efficient, NFC Killer is the ultimate protection for cards of all kinds equipped with contactless chips (NFC, RFID). A newcomer to the RFID Stop range, the NFC Killer card comes in the form of an aluminum mobile jammer business card that simply slides behind its bank card equipped with a contactless chip, in its wallet or card holder. . This makes it temporarily silent and provides discreet and optimal protection.
News. Cell phones that do not pick up, that's what detainees in the Nice prison now have. The prison has indeed been equipped with a gsm jammer to limit their use, reports Monday Nice Matin. Yet banned, mobile phones allow prisoners to keep in touch with their families, but also to continue their illegal activities or even prepare their escape, as was the case with Redoine Faïd or Antonio Ferrara. With these facilities the prison administration hopes to better fight against this scourge. Europe1.fr takes stock of these wave jammers.




Buy it to change your lifestyle

ninggui | 30 November, 2017 08:12

Cell phone jammer: test and comment.

With the experience of these devices for several years, I can have an almost objective opinion on this issue. Around 2007, I got my first jammer. This is the "basic" model.
There are several types of models that can be distinguished according to power types:

- portable jammers operate on internal rechargeable batteries.
- the main line runs on the main line.

In addition to the frequency range of coverage: GSM, CDMA, 3G, DCS...

The most common pattern so far is this one, with the original packaging of a plug converter:

New mobile phone jamming


Some loose comments about the model:

The load was long enough to discharge. Basically, for the first model, the second day I calculated the operating costs of an hour.
Similarly, if we don't use it, he will soon relax himself. There is no way to know when the charges will end.
In the most recent model, all these flaws have been corrected, waiting for the diode to close to know that the charge is over, and over time, the interference doesn't seem to be self-discharging.

Efficiency and scope

The jammer is fitted with a clock of the same cycle as the GPS jammer. Due to the clock and the calling mobile station clock out of sync, we suggest that the approach is to measure the square wave output of the comparator and disturbance machine of the phase difference between the local clock. As shown in figure 34, the output of the comparator is converted to a Dirac, and then it's injected into a delayed loop, and the time loop has to be extrapolated by the parameter (local scrambler clock).

Portable GSM 3G Jammer and WIFI GPS Blocker for Sale

This little device, the size of a pack of cigarettes, can upset some of the waves. It can blur the GSM network, Wifi, GPS and more waves. Using a lithium-ion battery, you can do two hours of global disruption or four hours in a band.

On May 19th, the national police issued a statement, and we were told that three men were arrested on May 12th and 15th, when they tried to break into the closed vehicle. .

The technology is a well-known child's game. When the culprit is leaving the vehicle, press the door button on the remote to monitor the driver and activate the phone jammer. Believing that his car was locked, the owner opened it to thieves who needed to introduce themselves. Or worse, if they are equipped with a card and a blank key programmer, they can steal it.

Who have never experienced the charming girl talk to warm on the train, he is enjoying the day before he quit talking about him all the metro trains.

Who in open space office never dreamed the cowardice of colleagues who work through his personal calls his cell phone window.

There never was a neighbor who discovered from your building landing or phone calls from the balcony, it's more fun to your Windows open.

This is very variable, and some people are disappointed; Because they expect too much.
Here, in my opinion, that's it. As a whole and the logic goes, the stronger network, the more difficult it is to you to block a signal.

- outside, it's not even worth trying, other than being trapped on the phone we want to fight.
- indoors, everything depends on the structure of the building, and the intensity of the signal transmission. I have good grades in the supermarket. For example.
- on public transport: also depends on the signal strength of time T; I was in the train and the bus has achieved very good results, but not at the train station, but in the open country.

And in terms of quantity, all of this?
The best range I can get is about 7 meters, which is generally between 2 and 3 meters.
The addition of the antenna increases the range (about 30%).

I don't mean to deal with the WiFi jammer, but the overall operation is the same, and we want to add one of the same frequency on the transmission network, in order to prevent the good receive (and radio).

I tested two types of antennas, preferring the second, not efficiency but caution.




gps gsm signal jammer for car portable

ninggui | 25 October, 2017 05:42

At the university of Texas at Austin at the university of radio navigation subvert GPS, director of the laboratory in his small confusion with all kinds of equipment in the workshop, to introduce students to the latest experiment of the video. We saw a handheld portable jammer display with a GuGe map: "the device is on a GPS chip and shows a blue dot on the map." Suddenly, the blue dot began to move, as if the smartphone had to be embedded in the car, and it was still in the same place. GPS chips send the wrong location, but credibility, because the progress on the map is done along a normal speed along a street.

To explain the mystery, Todd Humphreys pointed to a prosaic example in the corner of the studio: "it's a deceiver (" usurper"), a GPS simulator, picking out real signals from GPS satellites, and then relaunching them at the same wavelength after modifying the coordinates a little bit. The neighborhood's GPS system will be a priority to collect this faked signal first, because it's more powerful than a satellite of 20 000 kilometers and if I put a good antenna on the roof of this building, I can distort all the GPS in the area, even through the city's plane.

What's practical and practical is that mobile phones are not without flaws, especially in a quiet place where they make a device or their user's noise. Some manufacturers have already proposed a way to solve these inconveniences: the active GSM jammer has to send out a larger signal than a large power relay scrambler, to cut off the receiving, to prevent the use of the phone. These devices can be sold in France, but they are all legally used. Effective? According to Tom's guide, it's best to stay out of the product.

On their site, sellers explains, jammer were employed to neutralize a placed on vehicle GPS signal, without the driver's knowledge or against his will. Therefore, in the United States, they have been around for many years used by truck drivers, want to escape the supervision of their company, such as working in the day of rest of the night. In 2009, near New York's New York airport, the experimental system of a GPS aircraft guide exploded every Thursday for a fixed time. Experts took several weeks to know that the robber the truck is equipped with a jammer, near the airport.

In addition, more basic equipment, only for scrambling GPS signals, is becoming commonplace. These are fairly simple machines that broadcast parasitic signals on the wavelength of satellite use. As a result, the GPS system around them disoriented and stopped working.

In most countries, their use is prohibited, but they can be used on the counters of various European and Asian websites. A small pocket jammer on a cigarette lighter can be charged only 30 euros. The more powerful model cost about 200 euros. Some Chinese websites even sell tripod military superjammers that may disrupt more than a kilometer of GPS. In another type, the hacker group that campaigns to protect the privacy of its citizens has released the instructions from the Internet to create their own cell phone jammer on the Internet.

Pocket GPS Jammer and Handheld GSM 3G WiFi Signal  Blocker

So far, we've had no major accidents with the use of deception, but Todd humphreys says isolating hacker fun and building handmade equipment. Experimental models with scientific careers are sold on the Internet.

In addition, organized truck thieves began using GPS jammers. Freightwatch, an electronic cargo monitoring expert based in Austin, is working closely on the phenomenon. According to Bill Games, this type of business is very rare in North America and Europe, but in Mexico, especially in Brazil, it's a very popular thing: "first, the thief follows the truck," and in a car, he says, it has a jammer, so the GPS system has lost the trail of the truck before it was stolen, and the driver forced the driver to stop and walk away, always with a jamming car. "

In Austin, Todd humphreys complete more sophisticated equipment, its precise positioning, GPS jammer and development policies are allowed. In addition, he noted that the USRP (universal software radio peripherals) new radio transmitters are very popular with researchers and radio amateurs, and can broadcast signals on GPS frequencies, which can lead to very effective interference. The war of interference has just begun.





ninggui | 25 October, 2017 05:41

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